Technology Overview


The AdBm Noise Abatement System is a passive, simple, and safe noise abatement system and has shown up to 50 dB of noise reduction.


Excellent Performance

  • 50 dB at targeted frequency
  • Broadband frequency attenuation


Predictable Performance

  • No physical limitations to its performance
  • Backed by in-house modeling
  • Close agreement with models on water-borne noise abatement


Customizable Design

  • Optimally reduce specific harmful frequencies
  • Control amount of absorption


Fast, Easy, & Safe

  • Lightweight
  • Modular design
  • Flexible installation methods
  • Suitable for high currents
  • Self-righting in the water


No Compressed Air

  • No compressors, hoses, manifolds, support ships
  • Doesn’t stir up seafloor
  • Small carbon footprint


Exceptional Expertise

  • Three PhDs from leading acoustics laboratories
  • Supported by continued research at The University of Texas at Austin


The Problem

There is a sizable and growing concern about the impact of underwater noise on marine wildlife in many communities. It is known that fish and other animals can be killed by very intense underwater sound, but at lower levels there also may be significant effects on the animal’s ability to communicate, hunt, migrate, and mate. Our system is more effective and more reliable at abating noise, helping to guarantee that there will be minimal impact on the environment from these industrial activities. In addition, current noise abatement technology requires that arrays of large air compressors are run continuously to create air bubble curtains. These compressors burn a considerable amount of diesel and the compressed air stirs up the seafloor sediment, which can have a detrimental effect to marine wildlife. The passive nature of our system means that not only is this system more effective and reliable, but air compressors are not required.


The Solution

AdBm Technologies has developed a patented underwater noise control system which is simpler, easier to use, more effective, and has lower manufacturing costs than current technologies.  Until now, noise abatement systems have used curtains of small, freely-rising bubbles in an effort to mitigate noise. These systems exhibit mediocre performance because these bubbles are not tuned to attenuate the low frequencies typically produced by industrial processes, and water currents can easily blow these bubbles away from the noise source they’re supposed to be surrounding. Our system uses encapsulated air bubbles, tuned to specific frequencies and arranged in specific configurations, to capture and mitigate noise from various noise sources.


Product & Services

The system is offered as standard size panels which are leased to customers following a rent-a-fence model. The system can be installed in a variety of ways: around the noise source or used to shield a sensitive marine area. Technical support and acoustic data collection and analysis are also offered. Our unique skill in producing noise abatement systems is essential, given that poorly-designed systems often show little performance and have been even been known to increase noise levels at low frequencies. In addition, our continued research in the field enables us to continually improve our methods.

Save Time

Works quicker than other systems, increase your bottom line and never hassle with air hoses, generators and dive teams again.


Use Passive Power

S4 is a passive system which removes the necessity of compressors while delivering better results at less cost.

Reduce Noise

Make partners, regulators and the environment happy by attenuating up to 50 dB.



Reduce costs and improve performance by having a system tailored to your attenuation needs.