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About Us

Our Story

AdBm Technologies is an Austin, TX based acoustical engineering company that specializes in developing high-performance, low-cost, and easy-to-deploy noise abatement technology for marine environments.  Our technology is based on research begun at The University of Texas at Austin’s Applied Research Laboratories, a leading acoustics research laboratory. Years of research and development, starting at the small laboratory scale, through large-scale systems tested at Lake Travis, and into full-sized demonstrations in the North Sea at the Norther Offshore Wind Farm have led to the current technology being offered today.

AdBm’s proprietary systems offer many distinct benefits, including:

  • Quick deployment
  • Passive system (no air supply required)
  • Proven attenuation up to 50 dB at target frequency
  • Customizable amount of attenuation and peak frequency of attenuation
  • Treats noise source or protects specific areas

Our Team

Our team is the backbone to AdBm’s success. Our expertise in underwater acoustics has made us leaders in underwater noise control, and our continued research efforts through leading laboratories keeps us at the forefront of the field. Our team includes experts in acoustics, business, and the regulatory world, giving us the tools necessary to stay ahead of the game and in a state of constant improvement.

Mark Wochner

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mark Wochner has a PhD in Acoustics from Penn State University and has been working in acoustics for 20 years, covering topics including nonlinear acoustics, underwater acoustics, biophysics, jet noise propagation, and numerical methods.

J.R. Garcia

Board of Directors

Mr. Garcia joined Green Park & Golf Ventures in June 2011. As a Principal of the firm, he is responsible for sourcing and evaluating startup and early-stage investments in the healthcare and technology sectors, performing due diligence, and portfolio company and fund management.

Rina Hartline

Board of Directors

Rina Hartline is an experienced attorney, government affairs, regulatory and communications professional, and is a leading advocate for professional women in the energy industry. This diversity of interdisciplinary skills has been honed from leadership roles in a variety of executive positions.

John Paulos

Board of Directors

Now an independent consultant and Angel investor, John J. Paulos serves as a Director for six start-up companies in Austin, Texas.  Dr. Paulos left Cirrus Logic in August of 2008 after serving as Vice President and General Manager of the Industrial Products Division after  rejoining the company in 2004.

Kevin Lee

Scientific Advisor

Kevin Lee is a co-founder of AdBm and a co-inventor of AdBm’s underwater noise abatement technology.

Preston Wilson

Scientific Advisor

Preston Wilson is co-inventor of AdBm’s underwater noise abatement technology and a co-founder of the company.

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