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Effective, Reliable, and
Environmentally Friendly.

There is a sizable and growing concern about the impact of underwater noise on marine wildlife in communities around the globe. It is known that fish and other animals can be harmed by intense underwater sound, but at lower levels there also may be significant effects on an animal’s ability to communicate, hunt, migrate, and mate. The AdBm Noise Mitigation System is more effective and more reliable at abating underwater noise, helping to guarantee that there will be minimal impact on the environment from offshore industrial activities.

AdBm Technologies has developed a patented underwater noise mitigation system which is simpler, easier to use, more effective, and more cost effect than other technologies. Our system uses large arrays of Helmholtz resonators, tuned to specific frequencies, to capture and mitigate noise from various noise sources.

The AdBm Noise Abatement System Technology

System Overview

Proven, Predictable Performance

  • Meets European regulations & approved for use by regulators
  • Broadband frequency attenuation
  • Proven to water depths of 40 m, and capable of operating to >100 m
  • Estimated weight for 10 m diameter system in 40 m of water: 170 tons
  • Very well suited to articulating pile grippers, pile templates, outriggers, and seabed-mounted templates

Fast, Easy,
& Safe

  • Lightweight, flexible, modular design
  • Suitable for high currents and large tidal changes
  • Flexible application methods: system can be deployed from under pile gripper, using separate framework, or deployed from seabed frame
  • Deployment time in 40 m of water: 10 minutes


  • Optimally reduce target frequencies
  • Control the absorption amount
  • Multiple resonator materials are available
  • Backed by in-house modeling
  • Supplemental small bubble curtain available to increase high-frequency noise reduction in particular
  • Technical support and acoustic data collection and analysis offered

Local Content

  • The only American underwater noise mitigation technology
  • Elements can be produced in most states or countries
  • Local labor for project support

Economically Simple & Environmentally Friendly

  • Leasing model adapts to customer’s project needs
  • Completely passive by default
  • Small carbon footprint


  • Three PhDs from ARL:UT, a leading acoustics laboratory in Austin TX
  • Supported by continued research
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles on underlying research

Product & Services

The system is designed to be very flexible in its installation methodology. The Helmholtz resonator blocks are leased on a per-project basis. The system can be installed in a variety of ways: around the noise source or used to shield a sensitive marine area. Technical support and acoustic data collection and analysis are also offered. Our unique skill in producing noise abatement systems is essential, given that poorly-designed systems often show little performance, require frequent equipment replacement, and have been known to increase noise levels at low frequencies. In addition, our continued research in the field enables us to continually improve our performance.

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