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Borssele 3 & 4 Offshore Wind Farm Noise Reports

Noise reports from the first commercial deployment of the AdBm System at the Borssele 3 & 4 Offshore Wind Farm. An AdBm system consisting of a single radial layer of acoustic resonators, used in conjunction with a Double Big Bubble Curtain, was used successfully on all 54 piles. For all future projects a double radial layer of resonators is suggested to increase performance further as hammer energies and pile sizes continue to increase. These reports are based on data collected by itap GmbH, and provide noise and hammer energy data for two of the piles driven. An additional 13 pile noise reports are available upon request.

AdBm Noise Mitigation System 2018 Demonstration Results

AdBm and Van Oord Offshore Wind, with support by itap and TNO, demonstrated the AdBm noise mitigation system in 2018 at the Norther Offshore Wind Farm. This demonstration proved the performance of the system and its suitability for the offshore wind market.

Pile Driving Noise Reduction Approaches

A general overview of noise reduction approaches, covering source reduction, transmission path interruption, and noise absorption.

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