We have two videos of our noise abatement system being installed at the Butendiek Wind Farm installation site. Very special thanks to WPD and Ballast Nedam for being our first demonstration partners.

  • Topside deployment video can be found here
  • Subsea deployment video can be found here

We have produced two encapsulated bubble video demonstrations: one whose sound is frequency-shifted up for those without speakers that can reproduce low frequencies (i.e. laptop speakers, etc) and one whose audio is at the original (very low) frequency.

  • If your speakers or headphones can reproduce frequencies down to 50 Hz, please view this video
  • If you are unsure or if you’re using laptop speakers, etc., check out this video


Save Time

Works quicker than other systems, increase your bottom line and never hassle with air hoses, generators and dive teams again.


Use Passive Power

S4 is a passive system which removes the necessity of compressors while delivering better results at less cost.

Reduce Noise

Make partners, regulators and the environment happy by attenuating up to 50 dB.



Reduce costs and improve performance by having a system tailored to your attenuation needs.