Environmental Responsibility

Underwater noise is an increasingly-scrutinized issue in marine environments. Research on the effects of noise on marine life is still in its early stages but regulations from state and federal agencies are getting stricter due to recent discoveries. Here are some articles detailing recent findings.   “Whales, Somehow, Are Coping With Humans’ Din” Scientists have long [...]

Proven Performance

The SoundShield System is a passive, simple, and safe noise abatement system and has shown up to 50 dB of noise reduction.   Excellent Performance 50 dB at targeted frequency Broadband frequency attenuation   Predictable Performance No physical limitations to its performance Backed by in-house modeling Close agreement with models on water-borne noise abatement   [...]

Press About AdBm

Our research has received press from media such as Scientific American Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, and National Public Radio, as well as various local publications.   “AdBm Technologies Wins $100,000 Grant from FOUNDER.org” Big news!  FOUNDER.org has named AdBm Technologies one of 10 fianlists in this year’s FOUNDER.org $100k Program.  AdBm will receive a $100,000 funding grant and [...]

Save Time

Works quicker than other systems, increase your bottom line and never hassle with air hoses, generators and dive teams again.


Use Passive Power

SoundShield is a passive system which removes the necessity of compressors while delivering better results at less cost.

Reduce Noise

Make partners, regulators and the environment happy by attenuating up to 50dB.



Reduce costs and improve performance by having a system tailored to your attenuation needs.